After that the three travellers passed by a yard and a rooster was perched on the barn crowing with all his might.  »Your cries are enough to pierce bone and marrow,«  said the donkey;  »what is the matter?«—»I have foretold good weather for Lady-day, so that all the shirts may be washed and dried, and now on Sunday morning company is coming and the mistress has told the cook that I must be made into soup, and this evening my neck is to be wrung so that I am crowing with all my might while I can.«—»You had much better go with us, Chanticleer,«  said the donkey.  »We are going to Bremen.  At any rate that will be better than dying.  You have a powerful voice and when we are all performing together it will have a very good effect.«  So the rooster consented and they went on all four together.