Then he cried out in terror and ran to get out at the back door, but the dog, who was lying there, ran at him and bit his leg;  and as he was rushing through the yard by the dunghill the donkey struck out and gave him a great kick with his hindfoot;  and the rooster, who had been wakened by the noise, and felt quite brisk, cried out,  »Cock-a-doodle-doo! Cock-a-doodle-doo!«  Then the robber got back as well as he could to his captain, and said,  »Oh dear! in that house there is a grewsome witch and I felt her breath and her long nails in my face, and by the door there stands a man who stabbed me in the leg with a knife, and in the yard there lies a black spectre who beat me with his wooden club, and above, upon the roof, there sits the justice who cried,  ›Bring that rogue here! Bring that rogue here!‹  And so I ran away from the place as fast as I could.«  From that time forward the robbers never ventured to that house, and the four Bremen town musicians found themselves so well off where they were, that there they stayed.