Then the maiden went to the back door that led into the garden and called out,

        »O gentle doves, O turtle-doves,
        And all the birds that be,
        The lentils that in ashes lie
        Come and pick up for me!
        The good must be put in the dish,
        The bad you may eat if you wish.«

Then there came to the kitchen door two white doves, and after them some turtle-doves, and at last a crowd of all the birds under heaven, chirping and fluttering, and they alighted among the ashes;  and the doves nodded with their heads, and began to pick, peck, pick, peck, and then all the others began to pick, peck, pick, peck, and put all the good grains into the dish.  Before an hour was over all was done and they flew away.  Then the maiden brought the dish to her stepmother, feeling joyful, and thinking that now she should go to the feast, but the stepmother said,  »All this is of no good to you, you cannot come with us.  You have no proper clothes and cannot dance.  You would be laughed at and would put us to shame.«

Then she turned her back on poor Cinderella and made haste to set out with her two proud daughters.