»This is not the right one either,«  said he,  »have you no other daughter?«—»No,« said the man,  »only my dead wife left behind her a little stunted Cinderella;  it is impossible that she can be the bride.«  But the King's son ordered her to be sent for, but the mother said,  »Oh no! she is much too dirty, I could not let her be seen.«  But he would have her fetched and so Cinderella had to appear.  First she washed her face and hands quite clean.  Then she went in and curtseyed to the prince who held out to her the golden shoe.  She drew her foot out of the heavy wooden shoe and slipped it into the golden one, which fit perfectly.  And when she looked up and the prince looked in her face he knew again the beautiful maiden that had danced with him, and he cried,  »This is the right bride!«  The stepmother and the two sisters were thunderstruck, and grew pale with envy.