And there came to the door a carriage drawn by eight white horses with white plumes on their heads, and with golden harness, and behind the carriage was standing faithful Henry, the servant of the young prince.

When the carriage started to take the prince to his kingdom, faithful Henry helped them both in and then got up behind, and was full of joy at his master's deliverance.  And when they had gone a part of the way the prince heard a sound at the back of the carriage, as if some­thing had broken, and he turned round and cried,  »Henry, the wheel must be breaking!«—»The wheel does not break!«,  faithful Henry answered.  For Henry had suffered such care and pain when his master was turned into a frog that he had been obliged to wear three iron bands over his heart to keep it from breaking with trouble and anxiety, and as he now saw his master delivered and on his way home, the forged bands broke and fell down from his breast.  Again, and yet once again there was the same sound and the prince thought it must be the wheel breaking, but it was the breaking of the other bands from faithful Henry's heart because it was now so relieved and happy.