As he was trudging along, there came in sight a man riding on a spirited horse and looking very gay and lively.  »Oh!«  cried Hans aloud,  »how splendid riding must be!  Sitting as much at one's ease as in an arm-chair, stumbling over no stones, saving one's shoes, and getting on one hardly knows how!«  The horseman heard Hans say this and called out to him,  »Well Hans, what are you doing on foot?«—»I can't help myself,«  said Hans,  »I have this great lump to carry.  It is gold, but I can't hold my head straight for it and it hurts my shoulder.«—»I'll tell you what,«  said the horseman,  »we will change.  I will give you my horse and you shall give me your lump of gold.«—»With all my heart,«  said Hans;  »but I warn you, you will find it heavy.«