Then Hans related to him all that had happened and the butcher handed him his pocket-flask, saying,  »Here, take a drink and be a man again.  Your cow will not give milk much longer; she is old and only fit to draw burdens, or to be slaughtered.«—»Well, to be sure,«  said Hans, scratching his head.  »Who would have thought it?  Of course it is a very handy way of getting meat when a man has a beast of his own to kill, but for my part I do not care much about cow beef, it is rather tasteless.  Now, if I had but a young pig, that is much better meat, and then the sausages!«—»Look here, Hans,«  said the butcher,  »just for love of you I will exchange and will give you my pig for your cow.«—»Heaven reward such kindness!«  cried Hans, and hand­ing over the cow, received in exchange the pig who was turned out of his wheelbarrow and was to be led by a string.