She did everything to the old woman's satisfaction and shook the bed with such a will that the feathers flew about like snowflakes, and so she led a good life, had never a cross word, but boiled and roast meat every day.

When she had lived a long time with Mother Holle, she began to feel sad.  Not knowing herself what ailed her, she at last began to think that she must be home-sick and, although she was a thousand times better off than at home, she had a great longing to go home.  At last she said to her mistress,  »I am home-sick and although I am very well off here, I cannot stay any longer.  I must go back to my own home.«  Mother Holle answered,  »It pleases me well that you should wish to go home and, as you have served me faithfully, I will undertake to send you there!«