In the mean­while came various people who looked at him very curiously and read on his belt, »Seven at one blow!«

»Oh!«  said they,  »why should this great lord come here in time of peace?  What a mighty champion he must be.«  Then they went and told the King about him and they thought that if war should break out what a worthy and useful man he would be, and that he ought not to be allowed to depart at any price.  The King then summoned his council and sent one of his courtiers to the little tailor to beg him, so soon as he should wake up, to consent to serve in the King's army.

So the messenger stood and waited at the sleeper's side until his limbs began to stretch and his eyes to open, and then he carried his answer back.  And the answer was,  »That was the reason for which I came,«  said the little tailor,  »I am ready to enter the King's service.«