So the little tailor set out into the wood and looked about him right and left.  After a while he caught sight of the two giants;  they were lying down under a tree asleep and snoring so that all the branches shook.  The little tailor, all alive, filled both his pockets with stones and climbed up into the tree;  and from there he let one stone after another fall on the chest of one of the giants.  For a long time the giant was quite unaware of this but at last he woke up and pushed his comrade and said,  »What are you hitting me for?«—»You are dreaming,«  said the other,  »I am not touching you.«  And they composed themselves again to sleep, and the tailor let fall a stone on the other giant.  »What can that be?«  cried he,  »what are you casting at me?«—»I am casting nothing at you,«  answered the first, grumbling.  They disputed about it for a while but as they were tired they gave it up at last and their eyes closed once more.