And now the little tailor got down.  »Another piece of luck!«  said he,  »that the tree I was sitting in did not get torn up too, or else I should have had to jump like a squirrel from one tree to another.«

Then he drew his sword and gave each of the giants a few hacks in the breast, and went back to the King, and said,  »The deed is done, I have made an end of both of them but it went hard with me, in the struggle they rooted up trees to defend themselves, but it was of no use, they had to do with a man who can kill seven at one blow.«

The King sent a man to see if the tailor had spoken the truth;  he rode into the wood, and there he found the giants wallowing in their blood and all about them lying the uprooted trees.  He came back fast and his report caused great horror everywhere in the court.