Then the little tailor betook himself to the King who now, whether he liked it or not, was obliged to fulfil his promise and give him his daughter and the half of his kingdom.

One night the young queen heard her husband talking in his sleep saying,  »Now boy, make me that waistcoat and patch me those breeches or I will lay my yard measure about your shoulders!«  And so, as she perceived of what low birth her husband was, she went to her father the next morning and told him all and begged him to set her free from a man who was nothing better than a tailor.  The king bade her be comforted, saying,  »Tonight, leave your bedroom door open.  My guards shall stand outside and when he is asleep they shall come in and bind him and carry him off to a ship, and he shall be sent to the other side of the world.«  So the wife felt consoled; but the king's water-bearer, who had been listening all the while, went to the little tailor and disclosed to him the whole plan.  »I shall put a stop to all this,«  said he.