It hap­pened that one evening during his journey home he came to an inn that was quite full of guests who bade him welcome and asked him to sit down with them and eat, as otherwise he would have found some difficulty in getting anything.  »No,«  answered the young joiner,  »I could not think of depriving you;  you had much better be my guests.«  Then they laughed and thought he must be joking.  But he brought his little wooden table and put it in the middle of the room and said,  »Table, be covered!«  Immediately it was set out with food much better than the landlord had been able to provide and the good smell of it greeted the noses of the guests very agreeably.  »Join me, good friends,«  said the joiner;  and the guests, when they saw how it was, needed no second asking, but taking up knife and fork joined him happily.