The next morning the turner set out with the wishing-table and the gold-ass on his way home to his father. 

The tailor was very glad, indeed, to see him again, and asked him what he had learned abroad.  »My dear father,«  answered he,  »I have become a turner.«—»A very ingenious handicraft,«  said the father.  »And what have you brought with you from your travels?«—»A very valuable thing, dear father,«  answered the son.  »A cudgel in a sack!«—»What!«,  cried the father.  »A cudgel!  The thing is not worth so much trouble when you can cut one from any tree.«—»But it is not a common cudgel, dear father,«  said the young man.  »Just look, with this cudgel I have recovered the wishing-table and the gold-ass which the thieving land­lord had taken from my two brothers.  Now, let them both be sent for and bid all the neighbors too, and they shall eat and drink to their hearts' content, and I will fill their pockets with gold.«