The goat, the unlucky cause of the tailor's sons being driven out, then had run into a fox's hole and hid herself.  When the fox came home he caught sight of two great eyes staring at him out of the darkness, and was very frightened and ran away. 

A bear met him and, seeing that he looked very disturbed, asked him,  »What is the matter, brother fox, that you should look like that?«—»Oh dear,«  answered the fox,  »a grisly beast is sitting in my hole and he stared at me with fiery eyes!«—»We will soon drive him out,«  said the bear;  and went to the hole and looked in, but when he caught sight of the fiery eyes he likewise felt great terror seize him and, not wishing to have anything to do with so grisly a beast, he made off. 

He was soon met by a bee, who remarked that he had not a very courageous air, and said to him,  »Bear, you have a very depressed countenance, what has become of your high spirit?«—»You may well ask,«  answered the bear.  »In the fox's hole there sits a grisly beast with fiery eyes and we cannot drive him out.«  The bee answered,  »I know you despise me, bear.  I am a poor feeble little creature, but I think I can help you.«