When the guest had gone to sleep the landlord slipped up to his room and wanted to empty the sack.  But the young turner did not really sleep, but had only been waiting for this to happen and cried,  »Cudgel, out of the sack!«  Out flew the cudgel directly and laid to heartily on the landlord's back, and, in vain, he begged for mercy;  the louder he cried the harder the cudgel beat time on his back, until he fell exhausted to the ground.  Then the turner said,  »If you do not give me the wishing-table and the gold-ass directly, this game shall begin all over again.«—»Oh dear, no!«  cried the landlord, quite collapsed;  »I will gladly give it all back again if you will only make this terrible goblin go back into the sack.«  Then said the young man,  »I will be generous instead of just, but beware!«  Then he cried,  »Cudgel, into the sack!«  and left him in peace.